Any solar still is dependant on the level of solar radiation available. This level is in turn dependant on the location, season and weather conditions. However, the following figures serve as an indication of performance.

Performance of the Aquadome Solar Water Still

N.B. 500cc = Approx. 0.88 UK pints = Approx. 1.06 US pints

The Aquadome Solar Still weighs approximately as much as half a litre of water but can produce many times this weight in drinking water per day.

The factors, which affect performance, are also those, which affect the need of the survivor for water. The hotter the conditions the more likely that there is to be strong sun and more productive the still.

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Solar radiation is used to distill and collect the drinking water; essential for daily survival both at sea and in deserts. It is lightweight, compact and easy to use with an output of between 500 and 2000cc per day depending upon climatic conditions.

Performance of the Aquadome Solar Water Still